We're constantly enhancing the InSync system and this month is no different. In fact, we've added over 1,300 features and enhancements to the system since 2018. In 2020 alone we've already released 296 new features. This month, there are several exciting new features in both the electronic medical records and practice management software.


Featuring the latest in EMR/EHR technology and practice management software, here are the highlights of this month's release.

EHR Software Updates

Enhanced Treatment Plan With Care Plan Review

You can now review a patient's care plan details from the Dashboard. Additionally, you can schedule an alert before a set number of days and then send to-do reminders to users as needed. If your patient's care plan review is approaching or the review date is past due, the software will notify you by showing the number of days overdue in a highlighted field. 

Enhanced Flowsheet for Physical, Speech, & Occupational Therapy


When you add a new exercise, you can simply select the category from a drop down list. Based on the category you choose, a list of exercises will appear in the Exercise field. The system will automatically select a category if it is available in the encounter. 

More Flexibility in The eRX Module


With a new "Do Not Fill" option in the prescription module we've also added:

  • Pending Tab

  • Prescriber Report

  • Charting (Medications/Allergies) when Maximized

  • Print Medications 

Additionally, when you try to add a medication that already appears in the patient chart, the software will notify you it already exists. Only after you confirm the selection will the medication be added. 

Patient Portal Business Rule


The software now restricts patient portal users from submitting dynamic forms and surveys if they attempt to submit the form without recording their signature. You can also notify and restrict users from ending an encounter unless they have filled out your mandatory forms. If you choose to only use notify, your patients can end the encounter without filling out the forms.

Unlimited Amount of Custom Treatment Plan Sections


If you want to have more sections within the treatment plan, all you need to do is configure the master list of custom tabs. Then, you can map them with order-sets as necessary.

Pm Software Updates

Bill The Secondary Payer BEFORE The Primary


If you need to submit a claim directly to the secondary payer before the primary you only need to click one box in settings. Once done, you'll see a new "Directly bill to Secondary" on the Create Claim screen line item details. 


UB04 Claims: Default Value Codes Based On The Procedure Code


When creating or importing a UB04 claim, the software allows you to pre-populate the value code and amount based on the CPT codes. The software will check the configuration in order to auto-populate the value codes and amounts in the Insurance Management screen.

Auto-Populate Procedure Codes Based On Encounter Duration


When you create a claim, via encounter or superbill, you can populate the CPT codes automatically based on the visit duration or the encounter start/end duration. 

Visit Duration: With this option selected, the system will check a patient's encounter type duration associated with claim and match it with the configured duration and then populate CPT codes accordingly on the Claims screen.

Encounter Start / End Duration: When this option is selected, the system will check the difference of the encounter start and end times. These are associated with the claim and match it with the configured duration. Then, it will populate the CPT's accordingly on the Claims screen.

Auto-Transmit Claims By Encounter

The software now allows you to auto transmit claims for specific visit / encounter types, encounter categories, programs, and providers. You can also transmit your claims automatically during off hours for any of the aforementioned categories.

See These New Features In a Demo

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