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      The COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 has tested, taxed and in some cases maxed out the resources of healthcare systems across the United States in ways that could barely have even been imagined a year ago. One thing that's become abundantly clear to the healthcare community during this crisis is that preparation is everything. Preparation in this case includes software programs with telehealth capabilities that have proved invaluable to practicing socially-distanced medicine.  


      According to a FrontRunners data report released by Software Advice, a leading online service for businesses navigating the software selection process, InSync Healthcare Solutions ranks among the top 12 medical software platforms.

      "Because medical practices went through such drastic changes this year, and because there are so many different medical software companies out there right now, we thought it would be helpful to compile a shortlist of the top medical software programs that users and reviewers appreciated the most this year," a FrontRunners press release said.

      The ratings were based on evaluations by the users and reviewers of multiple medical-related categories culled from 2020 FrontRunners reports. 

      Users rated each company's software program on four featured criteria: ease of use, value for the money, customer support and functionality. Of the 12 companies listed, InSync was one of only two that rated 4.5 (on a 5-point scale) in all four categories -- including 100 5-star ratings out of 153. 

      Likewise, InSync is the only one of the 12 companies that offers a software service for medical transcription. 

      "Searched long and hard to find a system that would allow me to manage everything in one place," one user wrote. "From intake, treatment, billing, InSync has mastered this." 

      Software is the Ticket as the Telehealth Train Gains Steam

      While InSync offers a full suite of software programs for EHR, EMR, practice management and services for revenue cycle management and medical transcription, it is their telehealth platform that came to the forefront during the current pandemic. Referring to the prevailing "telemedicine revolution," Software Advice says its website saw a 3,000 percent increase in organic traffic to its telemedicine directory during the six-month period from April to October of this year compared to 2019, and that patient preference continues to drive telemedicine use for many practices. 

      In effect, the pandemic is serving as giant springboard for the use of telemedicine, which was already trending steadily upward since the introduction of the Internet in the 1990s. And while patients appreciate the convenience that telemedicine provides, providers appreciate the myriad advantages it affords them: scheduling flexibility, fewer no-shows or last-minute cancellations, the ability to see more patients, and of course increased revenue. 

      Is this telehealth trend likely to regress once the pandemic passes? Not according to recent data which not only supports it as a safe alternative to in-person care but acknowledges its track record in successfully treating patients.

      "It's time for providers to reframe their thinking about telehealth," says Roland Therriault, president of InSync Healthcare Solutions. "Moving past the 'stop-gap' mentality now will reap greater benefits in the future, regardless of whether we’re amid a pandemic or simply trying to provide excellent care on a day-to-day basis. By not adopting a more permanent telehealth solution, providers may be hurting themselves down the road."

      In the future, this pandemic will certainly be recognized as a tipping point in the trajectory of telehealth because of the millions of patients first introduced to telehealth during the crisis, many now accept and expect it as viable alternative going forward.  

      To learn how InSync Healthcare Solutions' advanced telemedicine software can enhance your telemedicine practice and experience, schedule a demo today and a specialist will create a custom demo for your practice.  

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