For medical practices, their electronic health and medical record software needs to be consistently updated. This keeps the practice compliant and the providers happy as new features are added or improved. For InSync Healthcare Solutions, a consistent update cycle is something we consider critical. Below is an overview of the features and updates for October, 2020. We think you'll find them so good it's scary...

October 2020 Updates to The InSync EMR/EHR Software

Featuring the latest in EMR/EHR technology and practice management software, here are the highlights of this month's release.


New Workflow for At-Risk Patients


You can now configure the Risk Factor, Level, Status, and Duration for your at-risk patients. You can also configure the risk level colors or choose to keep them set to their default colors. You can view past risk factors and even view the risk-alert on the Patient Search screen. When an appointment is booked or you begin a new patient encounter, the software will alert you with the patient's active risk factors.

Enhanced Flowsheet with Billing Procedure and Calculating Duration


With this update, the software can bill the CPT codes that have been recorded in the Flowsheet. You can configure and record the CPT codes in the Flowsheet which will be exported to the Treatment Plan Visit and Procedure Code section. The same CPT codes will also be utilized when creating a claim. When you record any procedure with a CPT code in the Flowsheet during an encounter, the software will match that CPT in the Treatment Plan Visit and Procedure Codes section. 

Enhanced Care Plan Review Process

enhanced-care-plan-review-process-insync-healthcare-solutionsWe've made it easier to review care plan details for the problem. In the Charting Care Plan as well as on the Dashboard, you can now view a block with Comment icon and a numbered box. When you hover your mouse over the Comment icon to view the comments and over the numbered box to see review details as shown in the screen pictured above. 

Set Alert to Complete Encounter Note

NEW-set-alert-to-complete-encounter-note-insync-healthcare-solutionsNow you can configure an alert to complete the encounter note with a stipulated time period. Based on your configuration, the software will send an alert in To Do with the remaining days to complete an encounter note. You can also see this alert on the Facesheet, Encounter List, and Co-sign List screens as shown in the picture above. 


Practice Management Software Updates

New Blanket Authorization Module

New-Blanket-Authorization-Module-InSync-Healthcare-SolutionsOnce enabled on the Practice Level Configuration Screen, the Blanket Authorization icon (Blanket-authorization-icon-insync-healthcare-solutions) will appear on the Insurance Management screen as shown in the image above. By clicking the icon, you can enter details such as the authorization number, name, duration, CPT code, description, modifiers, unit, billed, and allowed amount. When creating a claim, if the CPT code, description, and modifiers are matched in the line item the software will consider the unit billed and allowed amount from the blanket authorization for that CPT. 

Enhanced Sliding Fee Configuration

You can now stop applying the sliding fee scale for certain income ranges. To do so, locate the new check box on the Configure Scale screen that allows you to stop applying the fee scale for that particular income range. enhanced-sliding-fee-configuration-insync-healthcare-solutions-practice-management-software

Claims: Auto Merge and Consolidate the Charge

Auto-merge-and-consolidate-the-charge-in-claims-insync-healthcare-solutions-practice-management-softwareYou can now set up rules to auto-generate claims during offline hours. With this feature, you will find there are several pre-populated rules you can configure to your practice's needs. The software also allows you to merge and consolidate visits of the same date. You can set up the source and replacement preferences according to your requirements. When the auto-claim generation takes place, the software will first check the merge and consolidate preferences section to merge any visits.


If you're not an InSync Healthcare Solutions software user and would like to see any of these new features for yourself, schedule a customized demo below. Our experts will answer all of your questions and demonstrate any functionality you'd like to see.

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