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      November 2021 EHR & Practice Management System Updates

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      Keeping up with constantly changing industry standards and innovations is no simple task for medical practices today. This is especially true of providers' electronic health and medical record software, which requires frequent updates in order to remain current. At InSync Healthcare Solutions, we deliver a consistent cycle of new and improved features that keep practices compliant and providers efficient. Below is an overview of features and EHR updates for November 2021.

      November 2021 Updates to the InSync EHR Software

      Featuring the latest in EMR/EHR and practice management software technology, here are the highlights of this release:


      Referral Tracker Enhancements

      InSync users can now add a patient to the Referral Tracking page by clicking on the Patient icon that appears next to the Patient Search section. Also, a new customizable dropdown for Referral Types allows users to configure the list to their liking as shown below. Previously, patients could not be added to the EHR from the Referral Tracking page.

      Save Dynamic Form as Draft

      A new "Save as Draft" button allows users to save forms without having to complete those mandatory fields. This enables users to begin filling out a form, then save and close it before returning to complete it at a later time.  Moreover, a draft can be saved multiple times as needed – and users can preview a copy of each draft by clicking the History icon next to the Save as Draft button.

      Care Plan Enhancement: Restrict Review Frequency and Review Bubbles by Encounter Type

      A new switch option has been added to configure review frequency based on Encounter Type. This enhancement comes in response to an InSync client who wanted to review care plans in a timely manner for encounters with configured encounter types and respective frequencies.

      Care Plan Enhancement: Alert/Restrict Provider from Closing encounter if Care Plan Not Checked off

      The system can now be configured so that alerts and restrictions would be provided when an encounter ended but no problem was reviewed or added to the Encounter Notes. It's a box that reads "At least one Problem selected in Note," and it can enable a warning/restriction if no Problem has been selected when ending an encounter. 

      In short, a pop-up notification will appear, warning or preventing the user from ending the encounter before at least one problem is reviewed and checked to be added to the Encounter Note.

      eMar Enhancement: Orders Under Medication Header Now Appear on Dashboard

      The idea is to separately display General Orders and Medications – each with its own header – when hovering over the eMAR Dashboard. This will make it easier for providers to delineate between Orders and Medications.

      eMar Enhancement: Create Orders for tapering Medications up or down

      Until now, a patient on eMAR could not be scheduled with multiple doses and frequencies on the same medication. Now, you can do so, and without having to create multiple entries.

      eMar Enhancement: New Charting Element – Configure What Prints Out via Notes & Letters

      When Charting, you can now access eMAR from within a Patient's Encounter without having to toggle between pages.


      Add Number of Times a Claim is Submitted on Aging Report

      Previously users couldn't determine the number of times a claim was worked on before it was paid. Without this information, it was difficult to ensure better quality on the Accounts Receivable team. Now, when the Aging Report is exported to Excel, a new column will show the number of times a claim was submitted, as shown in the Total Submission column in the far right column below:

      Updates in the Payor Mix Report

      From within the Payor Mix Report, billers can now choose the specific summary they wish to view – Financial Class, Insurance Type, or Payor Category. Simply click on "Group By" and select from the options as shown below. 

      Manual Claim Import Using Template

      This time-saving enhancement allows you to generate claims in InSync software using patient data already entered in your older billing software. To facilitate this process, an Excel template is available to users to enter patient data for import into InSync. Claims will then be generated based on information entered in the template. For example, on the Manual Claim Import pop-up, simply select the Template option as shown below:

      Search for Inactive Patients in Patient Search & in Claims Screen

      This enhancement creates an option for billers to retrieve the claims of Inactive Patients in order to review records, make corrections and bill them out. This can now be accomplished using the Patient Search field of the following screens: 

      • Claims
      • Create claims
      • Claims processing
      • Payments
      • Electronic remittance
      • Post payments
      • Payment receipt 


      If you're not yet an InSync Healthcare Solutions software user but would like to see any of these new practice management features for yourself, please schedule a customized demo. Our experts will answer all of your questions and demonstrate any functionalities you'd like to view.

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