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      National Health Center Week 2022

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      National Health Center Week 2022 is celebrated August 7 – 13. Its goal is to raise awareness of the mission through the National Association of Community Health Centers, which is continuing the accomplishments of America’s federal public health services during the last half-century. 

      The nation’s first Community Health Center opened in 1965. Through the years, the expansion of this Federal Health and Human Services-supported public health service (PHS) has grown to over 11,000 organizations and sites. Collectively, they have created an affordable comprehensive health care option, serving 30 million people. These facilities increase access to crucial primary care for underserved populations by reducing barriers, including cost, lack of insurance, distance, and language for their patients. Also known as Federally Qualified Health Centers, these facilities have PHS-deemed status to supply additional access for communities in need of health care resources.  

      They provide care to a vast segment of the population. Covered individuals include economically challenged families and children, farmworkers and the homeless, and those who are uninsured, on Medicaid, or have private insurance.  

      Community Health Centers’ Impact 

      By the numbers, these health centers save the country’s overall health care system $24 billion annually,  in reduced emergency, hospital, and specialty care costs, including behavioral health. This is achieved by increasing access to primary care and reducing avoidable emergency department visits and hospital stays. The cost for a health center medical visit is typically one-sixth the cost of an emergency room visit.  

      The services provided include transportation, translation, case management, and health education. Primary and preventive care services span screening, diagnosis, and management of chronic illnesses, including diabetes, asthma, heart and lung disease, depression, cancer, and HIV/AIDS. 


      Getting Involved With National Health Center Week

      Getting involved with awareness building is easy. Each day has a focused topic, and opportunities to join the activities. 

      National Health Center Week Focus Days

      Sunday, August 7th - Public Health in Housing  

      Patients’ social determinants, encompassing socioeconomic and environmental conditions, institutional influence, and social networks, enable Community Health Centers to transform care to meet their needs.  

      Monday, August 8th - Healthcare for the Homeless  

      The Health Care for the Homeless program targets funding to Community Health Centers to meet the needs of those living without stable housing. These centers serve 1.3 million people experiencing homelessness each year.  

      Tuesday, August 9th - Agricultural Worker Health  

      Community Health Centers currently serve 20% of the 4.5 million migratory and seasonal agricultural workers and their families in the United States.  

      Wednesday, August 10th - Patient Appreciation 

      Community Health Center boards are comprised of members who live in the community served by the center, patients and represent others served by their center. 

      Thursday, August 11th - Stakeholder Appreciation  

      Bipartisan support is beneficial for advocacy and policy priorities supporting Community Health Centers nationwide, originating from federal, state, and local governing bodies.  

      Friday, August 12th - Health Center Staff Appreciation 

      Community Health Centers are effective due to the diligent work of staff, volunteers, and community partners. They deserve to be recognized and rewarded. 

      Saturday, August 13th - Children’s Health  

      8 million children nationwide get their primary health care from a Community Health Center. This family impact is vital.  

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