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Meet the Team: Desktop Support Engineer, Sam Schnapf

By Jonathan Monje on Feb 13, 2020 3:52:10 PM

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For this month's employee spotlight, we spoke to our Desktop Support Engineer, Sam Schnapf. Taking time out of his busy schedule of making our technology work seamlessly, Sam talked to us about his role within the IT department. We discussed his daily responsibilities, InSync Healthcare Solutions' workplace culture, and his ongoing pursuit to keep data safe and secure.

Sam has always been fascinated by the way technology has influenced social and economic growth. Specifically, Sam's interest is focused on cutting-edge technology and its ability to improve peoples' lives. With an academic background in engineering and business administration, Sam's knowledge and previous experience has allowed his interest to flourish into an IT-focused career.Sam-schnapf-IT-extraordinare-extreme-professional

Working at InSync, Sam is doing exactly what he is so passionate about—working with cutting-edge technology that helps people. He enjoys interacting with new products that increase business efficiency while supporting our internal team to solve any IT related issues they run into. 

Can you describe your role at InSync? What are your daily responsibilities?
"I support the InSync staff by providing solutions to IT-related issues. My goal is to enable my colleagues to perform their job well without any technical distractions or slow down. Additionally, I work on projects that automate routine tasks and increase overall productivity."
What is the culture like within the IT department? 
"We are all proud tech nerds. We also all share the same passion for software security, so it's been great having an entire team of gifted and tech-savvy colleagues with the same mindset to collaborate with"
Can you elaborate on a situation where your team worked cohesively to solve a problem? 
"Here is a great example of our completely fluid and supportive team... Recently, we expanded into a new building which meant figuring out what role we would all take in the process. We had to delegate responsibilities and in doing so, supported each other making sure the network was ready for business. From running cables through cubicles to installing white noise speakers, there were a lot of problems to be solved. But we worked hard, and worked together, making the office transition as smooth as possible."
How many security related issues do you normally run into? 
"We routinely run security assessments and our results are well above industry standards. As a healthcare software company, we take our security measures and HIPAA compliance very seriously. We spend extra time up front to ensure our new employees have phishing and security training to prevent any mishaps down the road. In doing so, we have passed our 3rd party security assessments with flying colors, and our phishing rates are well below the industry average."
What DO You Like About Working At InSync Healthcare Solutions? 
"InSync embraces the 'work hard, play hard' mentality. With a great work/life balance, we are laser focused on providing the best customization and support for our clients during the week, and we reward ourselves accordingly. InSync definitely provides a great balance. InSync also has an extremely fun work environment. For example, I was really impressed by the dedication and creativity of employees for our Halloween cubicle decoration and costume contest. A member of the sales team was dressed as a functioning vending machine complete with realistic sound effects, it was great. There was also a memorable pie eating contest and a dunk tank with the opportunity to submerge our executives. Furry friends are also allowed in the offices on 'Fido Fridays', and I bring my dog from time-to-time. All of these perks result in positive attitudes and team members that are fun to work with."

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