The sales team at InSync Healthcare Solutions is an integral part of the organization. They deal with clients first hand and generate business, but more than that they create and maintain relationships. With informed industry knowledge and client well-being at their forefront they help lead providers down the right path when it comes to a system that offers solutions. Constantly growing within the ever demanding and evolving IT healthcare industry.

Noah Meltzer has been with InSync a little over a year and currently holds the title Senior Business Development Representative (Sr. BDR for short). He opened-up about a few key elements that embody being part of the sales team, and what it means to him as a person and a healthcare industry professional.

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What are the daily activities for someone on the sales team?

We are constantly working with practices around the country, communicating with representatives and seeing if our businesses would make a good fit for partnership. This is in terms of requirements on our end towards qualifying factors, if they would truly benefit from our product, and setting them up on a software demonstration.

Can you elaborate on your role specifically?

As a Sr. BDR, the role is extended from a normal BDR's duties into helping with the administrative process. Essentially, keep deals moving fluidly from the initial demonstration, through to building relations with clients, helping set them up as far as fulfilling the needs required through our systems, and just keeping up with those current accounts. My role alleviates some of the stress from the Regional Sales Managers to provide the nurturing and attention that our clients deserve.

What sets apart InSync’s sales team from the rest within the IT healthcare industry?

We get a lot of positive feedback from our initial approach and how we go about the sales process. Clients always touch on our dependability but mainly how genuine we come off.

What you see most of the time within the healthcare industry are sales teams that will poke and pry people just to close a deal and get paid. It’s different when our team handles clients because we truly believe in our product and what it can do for the healthcare industry.

We all carry good intentions and making people happy has always been the goal. Yes, we work for our livelihood but what really pays is knowing we are benefiting a practice and in turn that becomes a mutual relationship.

Explain the culture within the sales team?

It’s a group that holds a progressive and supportive mentality. We all come from different backgrounds and different parts of the country. Some of us came in with little to no experience starting off, then there are others with seasoned experience within the industry. That being said everyone helps each other grow. Passing down advice and knowledge to each other constantly, I can go to anyone on our team for help and without hesitation they are there to help. 

Any memorable experiences since being apart of the InSync team?

Being the closer on our companies first million-dollar month was incredible. It was also the first deal I personally closed as well. That entire experience touches on not only how hard I have worked and grown as a sales professional, but it also highlights how hard our entire team has worked.

As i stated before our sales process is a conglomerate effort in which we all have each other’s well being in mind. Constantly feeding off each other’s ambition, learning from personal experiences, and just sharing knowledge on best practice use. Closing that deal truly reflects on what can happen when a team fluidly pulls together and cohesively strives to perform at the top of their game.


million-dollar-month-closed-InSyncNoah (middle) finalizing the deal to close InSync's first million dollar month.

Favorite part about working at InSync?

I get excited coming in everyday knowing I’ll learn something new in the industry. After receiving a BA in Healthcare Management, I have been so grateful to continue that growth when it comes to gaining knowledge within all aspects of the healthcare industry.

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