Tamara Davis is an Implementation and Training Specialist at InSync - She sat down to discuss being on the Implementation Team, daily responsibilities, and what it means to be part of a progressive organization within IT healthcare.

Tamara has always had an incredible passion for helping people. From her beginnings in nursing, she has always gravitated towards healthcare. Eventually she would find herself in a role that involved training practices on how to use medical systems – she loved educating organizations on a system that would provide ease and efficiency so they could focus more on their patients.

With an ambitious demeanor and passion for helping others, Tamara truly compliments the entire InSync organization and is a perfect representation of our underlying mission; positively progressing the future of healthcare.  

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What are the daily responsibilities for the Implementation Team?

We typically have meetings with clients, managing their questions, and help them with any issues they might run into. We also assist in configuring the system specific to their needs, while educating them on the process and how to configure themselves.

The implementation team provides as much assistance and clarity as possible. We meet with clients to understand their specific needs, we build them out, meet back up to confirm the configured request, and begin performing the training process.


Explain the culture within the Implementation Team?

Most of us have prior experience with helping people, be that healthcare or otherwise. Our implementation team is well versed within our field and our passion towards helping others really shows.

Aside from working with customers, we are assisting and guiding each other towards solutions. We are learning, teaching, and pushing one another to grow. For example, explaining a solution in a thought provoking way.

We have a team filled with dynamic individuals and we truly care about each other and in turn our team operates more as a family. 


Any memorable experiences since being a part of the InSync?

There was an organization I oversaw from their initial implementation through to their go live date and it was amazing to see their progression. They were extremely unhappy with their previous system and fortunately our software alleviated a lot of issues they had. The entire time we were onsite during implementation they were giving high-fives and celebrating, it’s always memorable to see that kind of gratification.


Favorite part about working at InSync?

Going through the entire implementation journey from beginning to end with a practice, seeing their growth, and being right there to witness how our service is helping a practice makes me happy. That's why I got into this role, to help others learn and grow, inevitably leaving a positive impact on their lives. 



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