Jonathan Monje is the Content Coordinator for InSync Healthcare Solutions marketing team. He took some time out of his schedule to discuss being a creative for InSync, his daily responsibilities, and what it means to be part of a cutting-edge organization in the IT Healthcare Industry.

Jonathan has always utilized his passion for writing and the arts to express himself and his views. From an early age he noticed he was artistically inclined and cultivated ambitions of leaving his personal mark through creativity. Taking his interest and talents into consideration, eventually he aspired to pursue writing professionally – which lead him to graduate from Florida State University with a niche degree in Editing, Writing, and Media.

From his experiences writing for various publications, he began leaning towards the idea of utilizing his skill set to help excel and progress individuals and organizations. He enjoyed working alongside those who also aspired to leave a positive footprint no matter what their industry was and has helped publicize and push those with similar ideals to the masses.

Jonathan’s ambitious mindset and willingness to help progress others has landed him within the Healthcare Technology Industry where he utilizes his skill set to promote InSync's brand and services - that inevitably has help improve the lives of many.

What are your daily responsibilities?

As the Content Coordinator, my main function is to manage InSync’s social platforms and online presence – making sure we stay relevant with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and that all of our online content is backed by factual evidence. While also correlating our content to our mission statement.

My role also extends from my main duties towards cultivating email’s, keeping our website up-to-date, generating blog post, adding and editing anything pertain to digital text or media, and overall taking on any tasks that require my skills within editing, writing, and digital media.

Explain the culture within the Marketing Team?

The Marketing Team in my opinion is one of the most dynamic branches within our company. I say this because there are an abundance of positions within marketing that could all stand on their own individually, but cohesively all tie together to comprise our in/out-bound marketing pursuits. Truly, this group means a lot to me and our robust team work has helped shape the InSync brand tremendously.

The beauty behind having such a large array of individuals with different backgrounds and experiences is having the opportunity to learn and grow from each other. Though my responsibilities are different from let’s say our Lead Coordinator, the content I create correlates with what he might discuss with clients and so on.


Favorite part about working at InSync?

Similar to why I love being part of the marketing team – having a large array of individuals with different backgrounds all working together towards one uniformed goal. This company operates like a big family, that’s something very special and rare to find.

It also means a lot having the opportunity to take my passions and skill set (that are more on the creative side) into the healthcare industry which is typically seen as more of a technical field. Though it's tough being a creative within this industry, i love the challenge - gives me an opportunity to think outside the box and explore unconventional techniques.

No matter what I do in life I want to do something that makes positive difference - with a meaningful goal to work towards. That’s exactly what I found working for InSync.

Any memorable experiences?

Whenever I get the chance to talk with a client it's typically positive feedback, and getting reassurance that we are truly helping others in the healthcare industry is always a memorable moment for me.

Our software and services are helping progress IT healthcare and to be part of an organization that is paving the way towards the future of this industry makes me feel very proud. I have a lot of admiration for our team at InSync - since I started working here I have witnessed immense growth in terms of our company as a whole and as individual professionals in the industry.

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