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      May 2022 EHR and Practice Management Updates

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      Keeping up with constantly changing industry standards and innovations is a challenging task for behavioral health practices today. This is especially true of providers' electronic health and medical record software (EHR), which requires frequent updates to remain current.  

      At InSync Healthcare Solutions, we deliver a consistent cycle of new and improved features that keep practices compliant and providers efficient. Here’s an overview of May 2022’s updates. 

      May 2022 Updates to InSync’s EHR Software 

      Featuring the latest in EMR-EHR and practice management (PM) software technology, here are the highlights of this release. 

      EHR Software Updates  

      Managing Hidden Charting Elements 

      You can now configure the hidden charting elements within an encounter as needed. Clicking on the encounter screen’s plus icon allows you to view these additional elements available. You can configure the sequence of the charting elements on the encounter screens to suit your clinic and practitioners’ needs.

       EHR collapsible elements screenshot

      Alerts Based on Program Visit Count 

      When you access a patient’s program details, you’ll see their total, completed, and remaining visits for the programs they’re enrolled in. The software now allows you to configure the base to calculate the visit counts.  

      EHR patient status screenshot

      Quickly Change Patient Information from both Charting Element and Face Sheet  

      For convenient Change Patient, Patient Demographics, To Do, and MAT, you can navigate from each encounter’s charting element. This is an added capability supplementing face sheet use. 

      Encounters have also been added to the navigation list. You can see details of a patient’s five most recent encounters from this screen. You can also access their face sheet using this navigation option. 

       EHR navigation dropdown screenshot

      PM Software Updates 

      Queue-Up Claims for Automatic Processing 

      On the Claims Processing screen, you can now queue up multiple claims to send automatically during offline hours. They’ll be transmitted on the Scheduled date overnight.  

      EHR search features screenshot

      Navigate Claims without Leaving the Create and Edit Claims Screen 

      When editing any claim, you can now see Previous and Next switches on the navigation bar on the Claims screen. They allow you to edit by navigating between claims quickly.  


      Ability to Copy/Apply Rules When Adding New Insurance 

      When adding new insurance information, InSync enables you to link it with the existing rules of your practice on the Insurance Management screen. 

      EHR insurance information screenshot 

      See the New InSync EHR and Practice Management Updates for Yourself

      If you’re not yet an InSync Healthcare Solutions software user, have a look by scheduling a demo with a specialist. schedule-demo-button

      The benefits of an EHR system are that they supply what manual or multiple-disparate software environments lack. InSync’s a cloud-based, HIPAA compliant, encrypted platform to manage your practice and your patients. 

      InSync’s rapid-release version cycle means we routinely add new features and functionalities to our system. The result is an environment that scales both with healthcare regulations and with your organization and patient care as you grow. 

      Seeing the system in action is the best way to understand its value as a cost-saver and payment-generator. Schedule a customized demo today to see all the features that fit your practice management needs. Our system experts speak electronic healthcare records management and will walk you through functionalities to automate your workflow. 

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