We're constantly updating our EHR software to give you the most robust set of features. Today we'd like to show you what's been added and updated to make the InSync EHR faster and more reliable than ever before.

June 2020 InSync EHR Software Updates

Program Management by Units

From the Program Master screen you can now configure the number of allowed units for the patient. You can also configure the number of units to be consumed for a specific time period. For example, if the visit duration is between 10-30 minutes, then 5 units should be considered. 

Program Management - Enhanced Chart Privacy

With the InSync program management module you can create and manage various treatment programs for patients. Now, you can protect your patient encounters based on the treatment program they're assigned to. If you've enabled the program management feature you will see the "By Program" option on the privacy settings screen. 

With this release, it's also possible to protect the patients of a specific program by restricting access to other users within the practice. 

New Assessment Tools

The following new assessment tools have been added to the system.

  • Hip disability and osteoarthritis outcome score

  • Knee injury and osteoarthritis outcome score

  • Lower extremity functional scale

  • Neck disability index

  • Pediatric symptom checklist

  • Upper extremity functional index

  • California child and adolescent needs and strengths - 50

Graphic Redesign

As we add core features and functionality to the platform, we examine how we can make each one better, both stand alone and in coexistence with other features. The graphic user interface is an important functionality that coexists with all features. 

New login design.

InSync Healthcare Solutions EHR software June 2020 design update

New dashboard design.

InSync EHR software June 2020 update showing graphic user interface update

The InSync EHR has always had an intuitive dashboard interface that allows extensive configurability from the end-user. With the latest release we've redesigned the dashboard, creating a richer experience while still improving performance and availability for the software. 

New: Health Maintenance Master Screen

We've also redesigned the health maintenance configuration display. You can expect to find:

  • New health maintenance master screen (with new consumption panel)

  • Ability to configure illness group (same as care plan)

  • Ability to show/hide screening description on the encounter note

  • Ability to send 2 reminders to patient portal users for due health maintenance

  • Enhanced view of health maintenance report

New: Automated Reminders For Patient Portal Users 

Managing communications with patients can be time consuming so we have created a way to automate this exercise. When a patient has an upcoming health maintenance visit the system can send two emails reminding them about the appointment. You have total control over when these communications are emailed. 

Redesigned Time Tracker for Group Therapy

A more user-friendly and intuitive interface has arrived for the time tracker. You can now:

  • Enter in and out time for past dates

  • Print the time tracking details

  • Use the floated box to enter in/out time manually

  • See time tracking details on the encounter note

  • Calculate CPT units based on the actual session In time 

NEW: Audit Manager Module

This newly designed audit module allows you to record patient audit details conducted by third party vendors. Once rules and permissions have been assigned, you can configure it to your bookmark icon. The audit details can be printed or saved to the document manager at the end of the report and you can also attach the report and send it to the any users within your practice. 

Scheduler Updates

You can now associate a program with a patient or group of patients during the appointment booking process. In addition to this, you can now book group appointments on the fly for specific encounter types. When you try to book a group appointment for more than the configured patients, InSync will display a restriction message. This allows you to restrict participants in a group session based on the visit types. 

InSync EHR Updates with the ability to book on-demand group appointments for encounter types

Space/Location Alerts

If you book an appointment and the space you've selected is already booked or occupied, the InSync EHR will alert you that it's already occupied, blocked or unavailable. 

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