Each month we not only optimize our EHR/EMR software but we update and enhance it as well. This month is no exception with new features in both electronic health records as well as practice management functionalities that will truly enhance your medical practice, regardless of medical specialty.


Featuring the latest in EMR/EHR technology and practice management software, here are the highlights of this month's release.

EHR Software Updates

Enhanced Flowsheet Module

enhanced flowsheet module InSync EHR for physical therapistsWith a newly designed exercise module that allows you to keep track of physical therapy exercises recommended to patients. You can also record multiple vitals before, during, and after the exercise. From the configuration screen, you can configure the exercises that you want to use in your charting. There are also different ways to configure the exercises via downloading the master list, configuring the template, or entering an exercise name as you need.

DSM5 Illness Codes

With DSM5 illness codes you can now views ICD10 codes provided by DSM5. 

DSM5 illness codes InSync EHR July 2020 update

Custom Clinical Forms

Now, when you access a custom clinical form such as patient demographics, facesheet, or any charting element, you can access your custom clinical forms placed elsewhere from the same screen. 

custom clinical forms by insync healthcare solutions july 2020 update

Automated Discharge Workflow for Programs

With this update, you can now automate the discharge workflow for those patients who do not return to the practice after completing certain assessments. Once configured, it will apply to the patient's record and will change their status automatically. The auto process history screen shows the number of patients and which status is automatically changed. 

E-Prescribe Transmit Workflow in a Single-Click

Transmit medications from the first page of prescription. You can also add medication to your current medication list and print them if you'd like to do so. We've redesigned this module to make way for these changes. 

Practice Management Software Updates

Enhanced Patient Financials Module

The patient financials screen has been completely redesigned with a new look and feel. The controls have been re-positioned so that more space can be utilized to accommodate a maximum number of claims on the screen. A claim's current responsibility will now appear on the screen without expanding the claim details. 

enhanced patient financials module insync ehr update

Copay Based on Program / Encounter Type

Configure more than one copay based on the encounter type and program. The priority will be as follows for different combinations:

  • 1st priority will be program and encounter type

  • 2nd priority will be program only

  • 3rd priority will be encounter only

  • When none of them are selected

insync medical billing software updated with copay based on program or encounter type

Enhanced Superbill

You can now map CPT and revenue codes with the Dx codes. Additionally, when creating or updating a Superbill, you can also add additional Dx codes, if any. 

Even More Updates

These are just a few of the updates available now in the InSync Healthcare Solutions EHR and practice management software. For a complete overview of the software schedule a demo today and speak with a product expert about how the InSync EHR can improve your practice. For an introduction into the EHR/EMR buying process along with tips and questions to ask your representative, visit our buyer's guide by clicking on the image below. 

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