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      InSync Tops in Customer Satisfaction, According to Software Advice Reviews

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      In its midyear review of the top medical software companies, Software Advice rates InSync Healthcare Solutions No. 1 in customer satisfaction among companies offering software in all five of its designated categories: mental health, EMR, telemedicine, medical billing, and patient scheduling. 

      Hundreds of Reviewers RAte InSync at 90% Satisfaction

      InSync, a fully integrated, cloud-based software leader, rated better than 90% in customer satisfaction for all five categories, based on more than 200 customer reviews submitted to Software Advice.

      InSync Healthcare Solutions Midyear Frontrunner score from Software Advice

      Software Advice, which provides advisory services, research, and user reviews of software applications, identified InSync among the 12 best medical software companies in its FrontRunners report. SA uses reviews from software users to highlight top-rated products — and to help software shoppers "understand which products have consistently delivered value across diverse software categories."

      InSync's category ratings for customer satisfaction included:

      • Mental health: 90.30%
      • EMR: 90.24%
      • Telemedicine: 90.13%
      • Medical Billing: 90.05%
      • Patient scheduling: 90.05%

      InSync enjoyed similar ratings in usability, averaging close to 88%.

      "We have been using InSync for a year now and overall have been very pleased," wrote one reviewer who switched from Valant EHR Suite. "On the EHR side, the customization of the platform — particularly the Encounter Notes — has been the best feature. Being able to tailor it to our patient population with integration of review of systems, quick check-boxes and so many scales has streamlined our documentation and improved efficiency."

      "On the RCM side," she continued, "having a designated team has been invaluable! Our accountant managers have been very knowledgeable and creative, out-of-the-box investigators and our revenue stream has steadily increased over the past year. Additionally, the Customer Support Team has also been incredibly accessible and so helpful in problem-solving issues that arise."

      InSync reviewers practice size on software advice fronrunner midyear score

      Customization a Big Plus, REviewers Agree

      Comments from other users include the following:

      • “The dashboard, shortcuts and reporting are some of our best features in InSync. We also like that the system is customizable and we have been able to enhance some of our documentation.”
      • “On the EHR side, the customization of the platform, particularly the Encounter Notes has been the best feature.”
      • “Being able to tailor it to our patient population with integration of review of systems, quick check-boxes and so many scales has streamlined our documentation and improved efficiency.”
      • "Overall, InSync Healthcare Solutions is a comprehensive integration of clinical and business in one user-friendly customizable product."
      • "I like that we can control the customization for almost everything."
      • "The helpfulness of the staff that we worked with during implementation has been absolutely amazing."
      • "The only thing I did not care for was the amount of ways to do one thing. So, it's not even a real complaint."
      • "I love how this software uses Zoom for their telehealth platform. I love (that) this system is a 'one-stop shop'." 

      Using a 1-to-5 scale, the Software Advice report rated InSync software features as follows:

      • Ease of use: 4.5
      • Value for money: 4.5 
      • Customer support: 4.5 
      • Functionality: 4.5

      Rave Reviews Make Choosing Right EHR Easier

      Having to choose from among dozens of EHR software systems is a task often made easier by reviews from others who've had first-hand experience with other products. That's where reviews like those provided by a company like Software Advice come in handy.

      When it comes to making smart decisions, thousands of behavioral health providers have chosen highly rated EHR software from InSync Healthcare Solutions. The InSync EHR system is designed specifically for behavioral health practices with everything from group scheduling and group notes to telehealth, e-Prescribing, eMAR, and custom forms.

      schedule a demo with insync healthcare solutions

      For a closer look at how our interoperable, mobile-friendly and configurable software system can increase efficiencies and workflows in your mental health practice grows, schedule a demo now with one of our experts. We're happy to answer questions and explain how we can tailor our system to meet your needs while saving you time and money. 

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