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      Just how good is the EHR software developed by InSync Healthcare Solutions? According to Capterra – an independent online intermediary between software shoppers and software vendors – InSync rates as a "Top Performer" and "Emerging Favorite" on shortlists for eight practice-specific categories. 

      Rave Reviews Validate InSync as an EHR Software Leader

      On a star rating scale of 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest), Capterra gives InSync an overall rating of 4.6 stars.

      To qualify for the Capterra Shortlist, two criteria are assessed to determine which market leaders have the most popular solutions. Those criteria include:

      • User reviews submitted within the last 24 months
      • The volume of online search activity


      As an industry leader in configurable, interoperable, and mobile-friendly EHR software, InSync was cited for excellence in each of the following categories:

      1. Best Patient Management Software
      2. Best Physical Therapy Software
      3. Best Medical Scheduling Software
      4. Best Electronic Medical Records Software
      5. Best Mental Health Software
      6. Best Medical Practice Management Software
      7. Best Medical Billing Software
      8. Best Telemedicine Software

      As a clinical supervisor of a mental health facility said of her experience with InSync in a Capterra review: "We love that we were able to customize to meet our needs while also utilizing the InSync features that will decrease the time our clinicians spend documenting, freeing up more time to serve our community."

      Find out about Capterra's methodology for scoring here

      InSync is Devoted to Earning Your Trust

      schedule a demo with insync healthcare solutionsIt's no accident that InSync receives accolades like these from Capterra. From our rapid-cycle product improvements to our dedicated client support, recognition for excellence is something we work hard every day to achieve. And it's an achievement, we feel, that is confirmed by the tens of thousands of healthcare providers across all 50 states who entrust us with their EHR software needs.

      For a closer look at how our software system can dramatically increase efficiencies and improve workflows in your practice, schedule a demo now with one of our experts. We're happy to answer questions and explain how we can tailor our system to meet your particular needs.

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