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      The InSync EHR Rates in the Top 10 in Telemedicine Software Technology

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      At a time when the demand for telehealth technology has never been higher, InSync Healthcare Solutions now rates among the EHR industry’s Top 10 telemedicine platforms. This distinction is according to Software Advice, a leading researcher, reviewer, and advisor on software applications.

      Superior Scores Push the  InSync EHR system to The Head of Class

      Exceptional customer satisfaction and usability scores – as judged by Software Advice – earned the InSync EHR its place. (There was no 1-through-10 rating for those EHR vendors selected for the final list.)

      Software Advice qualified the InSync EHR telehealth software for its list after examining and verifying more than 230 reviews from users of the InSync system and its telehealth features since May 2020.

      To be considered for Software Advice’s Top 10 list, candidates first had to meet the following criteria:

      • Already be listed among Software Advice's previously determined “Frontrunners for Telemedicine Software”, which (like the Top 10 list) also is based largely on customer satisfaction and usability scores

      • Meets Software Advice's definition of telemedicine software that “provides remote-care capabilities to medical providers, enabling them to reach more patients” while at the same time allowing patients to “access quality medical care from the convenience of their homes.”

      The InSync EHR checks each of those boxes. And as noted by Software Advice, “when used together, telemedicine and EHR software can significantly enhance the delivery of patient care” through the use of secure communication tools.

      Having What it Takes to be a Telehealth Leader

      Software Advice cited InSync Healthcare Solutions for its fully integrated EHR software with medical billing, practice management, and interoperable applications.

      “This telemedicine software solution enables charting of patients’ progress for healthcare professionals and facilitates access to all patients’ records,” Software Advice said of the InSync software in its report. “You can create and update patient records, track patients’ medical history, access lab data, check demographic data, and analyze results.”

      “With InSync EHR software, medical professionals can practice medicine in a single, fully integrated environment where lab findings, patient forms, and electronic prescription data are all available under one roof. Billers can handle claims more quickly and profitably with its automated features.”
      Software Advice


      Integrated with e-Prescription and EMR software, InSync benefits both providers and patients by enabling access to patients’ prescription and treatment history by virtual means, the report continues, adding that InSync offers email, phone, and live chat support and is also compatible with iOS and Android devices.


      InSync EHR Software Meeting Critical Needs

      Since the onset of the pandemic, telehealth growth across all practices has spiked by more than 150%. That growth has been a boon for practices – first by keeping them afloat during the pandemic and now by retaining patients who have grown accustomed to the conveniences that virtual appointments bring.

      Other advantages include:

      • Fewer missed or canceled appointments, which translates to greater revenue

      • Ability to expand a practice's potential patient base by overcoming geographic boundaries

      • Greater access to care for those living in remote regions

      • Patients less limited by social determinants of health

      schedule a demo with insync healthcare solutionsTelehealth services are among the more popular and necessary EHR software features that InSync Healthcare Solutions provides to thousands of practices and specialists across all 50 states.

      For a closer look at how our software system can dramatically improve workflows in your practice, schedule a demo now with one of our experts. We're happy to answer questions and explain how we can tailor our EHR system to meet your particular needs.


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