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      InSync Named Top Frontrunner for Telemedicine

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      What happens when you combine outstanding customer satisfaction and usability for a telemedicine software solution? Online review website Software Advice says the name for that is none other than InSync Healthcare Solutions.

      InSync Healthcare Solutions is a Telemedicine Software Frontrunner

      When it comes to selecting a telemedicine provider there are dozens of options to choose from, but only one company has been voted as highly in customer satisfaction and usability as InSync Healthcare Solutions. From our developers to our support staff, we are a customer-driven company focused on creating an EHR and practice management solution that healthcare providers can depend on regardless of practice size. InSync's telemedicine software is fully integrated with the platform suite allowing seamless transitions from scheduling, to charting, even medical billing, and secure communication across the practice.  



      To see more reviews like below, visit Software Advice and see for yourself what our customers have to say. 

      James from LX Medical

      Great value, customizable, fully mobile EMR!

      We are a fully mobile, technology forward, healthcare service. We utilize diagnostic technology, we operate outside of traditional healthcare completely. We use telemedicine and other software to organize our operation and to stay compliant with federal regulations and Insync has allowed us to not only operate with a tight budget as its a great value, but has allowed us to operate at our core concept.
      Myron from Family Service Foundation, Inc.

      The Support Staff MAKE the product successful!

      Our prior EMR sunsetted, and InSync appears to be far superior. Wish we used it for the past years instead of our prior softwares. Special KUDOS to our InSync Support Staff, who worked tirelessly, respectfully and joyfully to resolve any issues that arose - always beneficially for resolution timing and success! ALL highly recommended, and then some!

      If you'd like more information on telemedicine software capabilities or any of the features and services offered by InSync Healthcare Solutions, please take a moment to request a brief discovery call with a software expert. 

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