INFOGRAPHIC: Why EHR Vendor Support is Crucial for OB/GYN Practices

Does customer service really matter?


When it comes to EHR systems, healthcare organizations place a premium on quality vendor support.

Did you know...

  • 1 in 10 healthcare providers are considering switching EHR vendors simply because of poor customer support
  • There was a 59 percent increase in buyers replacing EHR software since 2014, implying that many EHR products are failing to meet physicians' needs.

Why EHR Vendor Support is Crucial for OB/GYN ProvIders

3 Ways Vendor Support Can Impact Your OB/GYN Practice

  • Clinical Efficiency & Productivity
  • Overall EHR Satisfaction
  • Patient Care Delivery

A Look Into InSync's Implementation

InSync Healthcare Solutions' vendor support is more than just troubleshooting. We also are committed to delivering a hands-on, comprehensive implementation & training program.

What you can expect from InSync's seamless OB/GYN implementation:

  • Implementation experts dedicated to your OB/GYN practice
  • On-site discovery options for better understanding of practice workflow & setup
  • Comprehensive trainings across all areas of the InSync software
  • Post go-live training & EHR support

How to Make Your Practice Clinically Efficient