Mobile devices are no longer just for patients, and with mobility growing in healthcare, it's important to understand why. That’s the reality of today’s healthcare industry as mobile technology continuously evolves with every passing day. Nearly 70 percent of clinicians use smartphones or laptops to access healthcare data.

Here are some of the biggest benefits to choosing a mobile EMR and PM software.

Accessibility & Functionality

Easily the most noticeable benefit from implementing healthcare IT software with mobile functionality is the increased accessibility to the EMR and PM. 

In recent years healthcare software has brought efficiency and overall ease to a practices' daily workload. Initially however, providers and office staff could only access the EMR or PM from a desktop, limiting the opportunities to accomplish day-to-day tasks.

By adding in mobile functionality, employees can now access the software from virtually anywhere in the office. This results in maximized time savings for a practice. For example, a doctor could chart on-the-go or even become familiar with specific patient history while on his way to the exam room.

If you've implemented a cloud-based EMR and PM that possesses mobile functionality, your accessibility is even greater since you could work from virtually any location.

Reduced Data Entry Errors

Mobility in a healthcare practice will also streamline workflows and reduce multiple data entry. By implementing a solution with mobile functionality, providers and staff can complete charts, schedule appointments, and handle billing responsibilities anytime from any location.

Fortunately for healthcare providers, mobile integration means single data entry on most occasions. Reducing the amount of time one might enter the same data throughout the day.

Mobile data transmission enters patient data once, resulting in fewer errors. This quick capture of patient data, without sacrificing accuracy, will help improve patient satisfaction as well.

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