ireland-saint-patrick-s-day.jpgSt. Patrick’s Day is upon us, with all of the festivities and four-leaf clover covered items you can imagine. While this day was originally created to commemorate one of Ireland’s patron saints—the iconic St. Patrick—the more modern take tends to involve all things green, over-drinking and general merriment. If you’re lucky, you may be able to avoid some of these codes in the midst of your celebrations.

X31: Exposure to excessive natural cold

For all of our readers in the northern part of the country—where cities like Boston and Chicago, known over the world for their St. Patty’s Day celebrations—you may be dealing with some imminent weather on the holiday this year. You might be forced to ditch your perennial kilt—or at least, be persuaded to put some tights on under it—and shamrock themed tank-tops for something a little sturdier. As long as it’s green, no one can doubt what holiday you’re celebrating, so do your toes a favor and pull on those shamrock socks.
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T51.91XA: Toxic effect of unspecified alcohol, accidental (unintentional), initial encounter

A number of drinks are associated with the Irish-based holiday. Guinness, Irish Car Bombs, and green beers galore make St. Patrick’s Day the seventh drunkest holiday in the U.S.  Enjoying all of the alcoholic beverages the day brings is all well and good, as long as you don’t overindulge.
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S93.40: Sprain of unspecified ligament of ankle

Parades and parties are commonplace on St. Patrick’s Day in numerous cities throughout the country. Especially after imbibing a few green beers, it’s all too easy to trip over your own feet—or an inopportunely placed Leprechaun—and sprain your ankle.

A05: Other bacterial foodborne intoxications, not elsewhere classified

Corned beef and cabbage is somewhat of an Irish-American tradition and is consumed in bulk on St. Patrick’s Day, especially among the more traditional of celebratory folks. Be careful that your cook knows how to properly prepare the delicacy, or your party-goers may be feeling green instead of wearing it.
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S05.10XA: Contusion of eyeball and orbital tissues, unspecified eye, initial encounter

Parades and bead-throwing tend to go hand in hand. Bead sizes can vary, but catching one in the eye because you were too distracted by your phone or the painted-green parade-goers in front of you will certainly be unpleasant. Another way to avoid earning yourself a black eye would to be avoid fighting over the beads that you and three other people have managed to get a hand on. There will be plenty of beads, so avoid that punch and wait for the next float.

Whatever your St. Patrick’s Day plans may be, we here at InSync wish you luck!
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Laura Slade

Written by Laura Slade