Father’s Day is all about celebrating dads. Whether that involves teeing off at the golf course, settling in for a marathon of Star Wars, or treating Dad to a concert, the day is meant to be relaxing for both Dad and the rest of the family.

But life has a tendency of getting in the way of even the best laid plans, and Father’s Day is no exception—especially when one considers that the average father suffers 22 injuries in a year. In the hopes of keeping fathers everywhere happy, healthy, and uninjured this Father’s Day, we here at InSync have put together a list of ICD-10 codes that are Dad Don’ts.


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M54.59 – Lower back pain, site unspecified

For those champions of the fairway, golf is more than just a way to spend a sunny Sunday. It can be a friendly competition between dads and kids, or an excuse to laze the day away on golf carts. But golf isn’t all leisure; the most common complaint amongst golfers—pro and otherwise—is lower back pain that can sneak up after too many swings of the nine-iron. Stretching before one hits the course can help lessen the chances of pulling something, but it’s no guarantee. If you begin to experience back pain, take a break from your back-swing and let the kids take a whack at it.

back pain

S91.301 – Unspecified open wound, right foot

Father’s Day should be a day of rest and relaxation. As such, it’s tempting to let the house accumulate a little more clutter than it normally would; dirty dishes in the sink, kids’ toys spread across the carpet, or laundry piling up in the basket. But be wary of Legos hidden in the carpet. With over 200,000 nerve endings in your foot, putting all of your weight on one of these plastic building blocks can become nothing short of agonizing. Even worse should the Lego be corner-side up, resulting in blood and pain for you, and no more Legos for the kids.


M79.81 – Nontraumatic hematoma of soft tissue

Many dads enjoy sports, whether that means playing them in the backyard or watching them play out on the TV. Throwing the old pig-skin around with the kids seems like a fairly typical Father’s Day activity. But if your kids are the competitive sort, a casual scrimmage can quickly devolve into a scuffle. Head-butting is well within the realm of acceptable moves for pee-wee linebackers, and Dad’s stomach may become the opportune target. The bruise that results may not be pretty, but at least Junior isn’t afraid to go for the tackle!


F10.10 – Alcohol abuse, uncomplicated

Alcohol and celebrations tend to go hand in hand, and Father’s Day is no exception. Whether Dad’s favorite drink is an ice cold beer or the much stronger neat brandy, imbibing on his day of pampering is hardly unexpected. But be careful not to overindulge. Father’s Day is on a Sunday, after all, and most bosses won’t be impressed with Dad needing to take a day off after too much celebration.

school of rock

However you celebrate Dad this Father's Day, the InSync team wishes him (and you) a safe and fun holiday!

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Laura Slade

Written by Laura Slade