With an abundance of new practice management features added, we are excited to announce our biggest release of updates yet

To bring even more efficiency to your practice, InSync Healthcare Solutions most recent updates bring a plethora of features to help configure, automate, and provide transparency towards optimizing InSync Healthcare Solutions fluid interface - there is a lot to be excited about. 


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Practice Management updates to our system:

Redesigned New Charge Module – NEW LOOK

To provide a more user-friendly experience, New Charge screen is now split into two screens: Create Claims and Claims.

Create Claims

New Filters:

  • Search by Visit Count

New Tools:

  • Follow up Reminders
  • Auto apply misapplied Credits
  • Collect payment 
  • Apply payment(s) to any/multiple line items


Claims (Search/Edit/Manage Claims)

New Filters:

  • Submission Type 
  • Date of Claim
  • Visit/Encounter Type
  • Encounter Category
  • Created By
  • Modified By

New Tools:

  • Follow Up Reminders
  • On Hold – Place claims on hold shortcut from the Results View
  • DSLA (Date Since Last Activity)



New Sliding Fee Scale 

  • Ability to set a flat rate or % discount to the total billed amount based on # in household and income.


Ability to Create Wrap / Wrap Around Claims

  • FQHC Billing - Automated rules for the claims to indicate if the claim is going to one primary payer or two. (Add on Service)



Practice Management updates to our system:

Updated and re-vamped!


Enhanced Scheduler 

  • View - current time highlighted in yellow / hours separated by line
  • Global View - flip to list of scheduled appointments
  • Short cut to specific section within Patient Demographics - From Patient Name link, user can directly access required patient information off the patient demographics screen.
  • Ability to capture start/end time as per ck in/ck out time
  • Ability to track time on a visit status
  • Visit Details - now shows visit type & can Print Future Appointments
  • Group Appointment - Selecting CPT Codes for Each Patient in Group Appointment



Redesigned Facesheet Module 

There is now a completely clean and condensed patient Facesheet that shows all information and that can be configured per user.

  • Customize Facesheet windows/tools per user
  • Ability to add Dx/Problem from Facesheet
  • Ability to display other encounter elements on Facesheet
  • Option to change patient within the Facesheet screen
  • Short cut to specific section within Patient Demographics
  • Encounter Details expanded view
  • Filter Encounters by Encounter Type or Provider
  • Display of Encounter Start/End time on Show Encounters
  • Shortcuts to specific encounter elements
  • Option to add side notes/comments to any encounter
  • Updates in Encounter Elements
  • Assessment Tools: Graphical Representation
  • Treatment Plan – Care Plan: Expanding All Sections at Once

    Redesigned Look:
  •  Health Maintenance Module
  •  Review of Results Module 
  •  Supplementary Module

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New Discharge Workflow 

  • Patient status Configurable from demographics
  • Option to discharge patient during End Encounter


New Dynamic Forms now available:

  • History
  • Patient Portal Forms
  • Custom Forms


And, New Case Management Module! 

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