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February New Updates and Features

By InSync Healthcare Solutions on Feb 10, 2020 3:28:42 PM

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InSync's EHR and practice management software is constantly updated to make your practice more productive and efficient. See what new features and enhancements we've rolled out this month below.

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Software Update Highlights

Program Management

This new module allows you to create and manage an assortment of treatment programs for your patients. Track details on each patient encounter associated with a specific program. The system also allows you to oversee program details throughout the treatment. 

program management screen - feb release

Diagnosis (Dx) Codes Management 

You can locate options for recording Diagnosis (Dx) details within the system, and configure them strictly to the needs of your practice.

Dx configuration screen

Ob/Gyn Due Report

Within the antepartum report, you can generate and export data through the due date and antepartum report. 

due reports - feb release

Financial Summary Report

We enhanced the financial summary report to help you see payment details for claims based on the date of posting and date of service.

The InSync system also allows you to create queries for generating reports and saving them. Additionally, you can filter specific criteria to generate reports.

filter criteria - february release

Auto Recurring Claims

We've enhanced how you can facilitate auto-generated recurring claims through set parameters and frequency. 

auto reccuring claims - feb. release

Sliding Fee Schedule Module 

The sliding fee module has been enhanced to show more detail on the reporting side. For instance, you can see patients' household income details, along with their eligibility for sliding fee discounts. The update also allows you to save queries for future reports, along with adding user alerts.

Future Appointment Report 

On the future appointment report screen you can view the practice logo and address. The system also facilitates you to print custom messages which include the policy for canceling booked appointments or any other message you want to convey to the patients.

future appointment report

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