Stay In-Sync with our eRx Features

InSync Healthcare Solutions is constantly providing updated solutions towards the current needs of the healthcare industry. Through advanced methods and processes that we facilitate throughout a variety of specialties, our E-Prescribing is no different.


We own our System!
We built this system with the help of our immense provider client base, taking into account what is desired and needed from the healthcare community. 

With an extremely clean user interface (complimenting that of our fluid EMR system) the features within the functionality of our E-Prescribing are optimized to generate ease within your workflow. 

Complementing the fluid, fully integrated and customizable features our systems offer, our E-prescribing service has the capability to insert any enhancements. With complete control over our own system – customers can have peace of mind knowing we do not have a 3rd party system embedded within our program so we can deal with any issues you encounter directly.

Here are some of InSync's key features within E-Prescribing:



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