Practicing medicine in today's world is extremely stressful for physicians, every second counts and optimizing their time is half the job.

With the plethora of variables coinciding with various assignments conducted throughout medical organizations, physicians devote significant amounts of time to tasks other than patient care. As a result, healthcare organizations have trouble keeping up and struggle to maintain high reimbursement rates, stay on top of HIPAA-compliance, maintain upward revenue, and provide general accuracy on a daily basis. 

Thankfully, medical transcription services are a practical solution for some of these issues.  Here is why your healthcare organization should follow the trend and implement a medical transcription service.

reasons to outsource a medical transcription service infographic. Generate efficiency, increase revenue, accuracy is vital and healthcare is collaborative..


With modern technological advancements within the healthcare industry, streamlining your processes through a more logical and conventional means will only benefit your practice and cut down your time and cost.

leading information distribution group Cision highlights the correlation between outsourcing medical transcription and the factors to benefit from:

" The global Medical Transcription Industry subject to witness a substantial growth due to the growing focus on automation of healthcare services and increasing adoption of advanced reporting techniques. The key factors responsible for the growth of medical transcription industry are reliability, portability, and cost-effectiveness." 


Generate Continued Efficiency Within Your Practice           

There are so many aspects for healthcare providers to focus on other than patient care. Consequently, maximizing overall efficiency is crucial to a healthcare organization's success, but often rather tough to accomplish given the nature of how much there is to get done every day.  




Using a medical transcription service not only simplifies medical documentation through a reliable and accurate system, but it frees up the staff to address other important needs or tasks throughout the day. If a physician didn't have to devote multiple hours each day to transcribing notes, imagine the impact that extra time could have on patient care.

To be specific, re-organizing time spent punching in patient information towards actually focusing on the patient themselves is a factor many providers see as a crucial to being a practicing physician.

Business News Daily agrees with the importance of h
aving more time geared towards patient encounters as a key element to outsourcing medical transcription:


" Medical transcription services allow the physician to record the patient information at their leisure, which can be sent to a service that can transcribe it while the physician takes his or her time with the patient," Bishop said. "[The physician] has the ability to look the patient in the eye and hold their hand, if need be, instead of looking at a computer screen documenting the visit."


How to Make Your Practice Clinically Efficient


Increase Revenue Across the Board!

A medical transcription service not only saves healthcare organizations time, but it can also them increase revenue. 

Medical transcription service providers help healthcare facilities to save 40% to 50% on the cost of medical transcription. Take into account the fact that you also have one less mouth to feed. This means cutting the cost of payroll taxes, PTO, medical office space, and other variables tied to having additional employees.  

Aside from the financial savings a healthcare organization would incur from not having to hire a full-time staff member, outsourcing medical transcription services ensures that practice will receive professional help. If you choose the right medical transcription service, then likely it's a service fully staffed by documentation professionals. 


Accuracy in Healthcare is Vital!

Inadequate quality and accuracy of clinical documentation could potentially place the patient’s care in jeopardy and produce irreparable damage to any practice. 




Because of this, having precise information correlate within your practice is obviously a major advantage from outsourcing medical transcription as well as offering you peace of mind when it comes to the information that is processed.

Aside from providing correct context and nurturing factual information, outsourcing your medical transcription can take the pressure away from creating hyper focus on spelling, format of reports, spacing, capitalization, quotation marks, semi-colons, and commas. While this might seem low on a macro level, any inconsistency within these variables could consequently fracture an entire process and create patient issues.

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The Healthcare Industry is Collaborative

There may be a time where some cases require multiple specialists with expertise in different fields and disciplines. Sharing information while collaborating throughout the healthcare network is a vital role in within the industry.




This is a huge role and benefiting factor where medical transcription shines. Any error produced through the roll-over of patient information can produce adverse affects on the quality and accuracy of the transcripts. Potentially, it can change the meaning of what is being conveyed and create dire consequences for the patient. 

Having error free reports are essential to any healthcare facility no matter what conversation is at hand, but specifically when it comes to transferring information and collaborating within the medical field. Proper and precise collaboration on transcriptions will help facilitate the flow of information between one doctor to another, ensuring the proper diagnosis treatment. 


InSync Healthcare Solutions' Medical Scribe and Transcription Services

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