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      August 2021 Electronic Health Records/EHR System software Update

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      Keeping up with constantly changing industry standards and innovations is no simple task for medical practices today. This is especially true of providers' electronic health and medical record software, which requires frequent updates in order to remain current. At InSync Healthcare Solutions, we deliver a consistent cycle of new and improved features that keep practices compliant and providers efficient. Below is an overview of features and EHR updates for August 2021.

      August 2021 Updates to the InSync EHR Software

      Featuring the latest in EMR/EHR and practice management technology, here are the highlights of our most recent release:


      Patient Portal Enhancements

      Until now, the software allowed only patients and their representatives to access patients' clinical details. Now, the software can be configured to also enable access to clinical details by a patient's delegate and caseworkers. 

      Moreover, it can be configured so that a practice can control the type of information (for example, allergies, educational material, immunizations, meds, and account summaries) that it wants or doesn't want to share with different parties (caseworkers, family members or representatives). 

      Other enhancements include:

      • Patient portal configuration is now in a separate section.
      • Dedicated section and functionalities that are specific to Foster Care. (See below)

      InSync EHR patient portal enhancements

      • Configuration for caseworkers to have access to multiple patients.
      • Improved page presentations for Problems, Results, Medications, Allergies, Vitals, HPI, Educational Materials and Clinical Summaries.
      • Caseworkers can switch patients from within the portal — without having to log in and out

      Evaluation & Management Calculator

      With the enhanced E&M calculator you can now define the CPT rule in the "Encounter Type" tab and then apply that rule to other charting elements such as E&M HPI, E&M ROS, and E&M History, etc. (See below)

      e and m calculator insync ehr system

      Once you assign the CPTs for different levels, you can save time and steps in the future by saving and mapping the rule with various charting elements to populate weightage/points based on the mapped rules.

      HabiLItation Tracker

      This module is enhanced with additional customized, time-saving preferences that allow you to:

      • Create claims with the "Not Generated" status when service for a patient is completed.
      • Automatically generate claims that are created when service for patients is completed.
      • "Close the day" for all patients at once, triggering the creation of an encounter note for all of that day's patients. (See below)

      • Capture skill details (grade and progress) for each activity.
      • Define the duration for full days and half days (based on time or activity duration).

      Random Lab/Drug Testing Module

      You can now configure random lab screenings based on patient, patient group, patient category, program, and primary provider. You can also:

      • Configure it for a specific facility or for all the facilities in your practice.
      • Select patients for random lab screening, then filter them only from today’s appointments or only from the MAT schedule as desired.
      • Configure lab screenings so that notifications for the screening can be given to the users on the same day or a few days in advance.
      • Configure random lab test cycles as daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly.
      • Configure any days within the week to perform the random lab screening.
      • Configure the number of patients you want to randomly screen on a daily basis.
      • Consider both manual and electronic labs for random lab screenings.
      • Allow users to override tests if they wish to do so. You can also configure if you want them to enter their reason for overriding the test.

      screenshot of InSync EHR's new random lab and drug testing module

      As shown above, you can see all the patients to be screened for a selected time.

      Encounters: Alert/Hard stop

      This feature alerts you if a program is not updated or linked when closing an encounter. You have the option to A) allow the encounter to close with a confirmation message, B) disallow the encounter from closing until the program is selected, or C) allow the encounter to close without selecting a program.

      image of InSync EHR's new encounter hard stop feature


      pre-populate patient’s email address for consent and payment on EasyPay

      You can have the patient's email auto-populate in the EasyPay payment portal while making a payment. However, when this feature is disabled, the software will not automatically populate the patient's email, although you can manually enter the email address while making the payment.

      upload Insurance card image from Patient Portal

      Images of a patient's insurance cards can now be captured in a patient portal by portal users in one of two ways. One way is for a user to access the portal through their phone, then snap a photo of the card (front and back) with their phone, and upload the image from the phone to the portal. The other way is to access the portal via a computer, then click on the portal's camera device (See bottom right of the image below) and upload the images from there. 

      an image of the insync ehr patient portal for scanning insurance ID cards

      Auto-Collect Patient CO-PAYS AND balanceS through Card on file (Easy Pay)

      You can now automatically collect patient co-pays and balances from patient portal users using their cards saved on file. The software gives preference to the card that was most recently used for payment. If no payment history is found, then it will select the first card in the dropdown for the auto-collection of co-pay and patient balance. 

      Other options of this feature allow you to ...

      • Auto-collect patient co-payments from more than one facility.
      • Auto-collect co-payments for more than one type of visit or encounter.
      • Select the event that triggers auto-collection of co-payments, such as appointment bookings, change of visit status, days before or after visit date, or start/end of the encounter, among others.


      If you're not yet an InSync Healthcare Solutions software user but would like to see any of these new features for yourself, please schedule a customized demo. Our experts will answer all of your questions and demonstrate any functionalities you'd like to view.

      Schedule A Custom Demo


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