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      Are you really ready for EHR Software implementation?

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      Are you fully prepared to implement your new Electronic Health Records software? Once you've evaluated business requirements and software options for your practice, and decided on the right partnership, you now face the most important step—implementation. 

      Your new EHR software partner's implementation team is responsible for delivering onsite and/or remote setup and ongoing training, depending on your contract. Their priority is to ensure you understand how to utilize the system, help with any specific configurations you need and train your users to successfully use the software.

      It's easy to think, "I'll leave implementation to the experts."  but in order for your practice to utilize a new system to its full potential, you must be present and participatory in the implementation process. If not, you might miss the opportunity to configure the functions your practice needs the most. As the stakeholder, it also sets precedent with your team that this is an important collaborative time investment.

      A Tailored Workflow

      In order to ensure a system is going to help generate the most efficiency for your practice, being present during the implementation process will allow you to lift the hood on your practice's unique processes to achieve a fully configured workflow. If you don't work side-by-side with the implementation team in a consultative role, you may end up with configurations that are not optimally tailored to the way your practice treats patients. 

      This also allows you to advise on the removal of unnecessary clutter in the EHR, such as elements that aren't used on a regular basis, if ever. A clean prioritized view will result in increased productivity and efficiency for your providers.

      Smooth Process

      It's no surprise that the implementation process is a feat on its own, and with so much ground to cover it can be overwhelming figuring out which areas to emphasize during the process so you are confident in the results on your go-live date.

      Here are some best practices to consider before implementation to make the transition as smooth as possible:

      • Understand your pain points and acknowledge them early on. Looking at the past performance of your practice will help you know what expectations to set and prepare you for obstacles that might come up along the way.

      • Be flexible in the name of long-term improvement. Implementing a new software system that is different than what you and your team are used to can require some compromise, so it's important to keep a positive mindset moving forward that change is good.

      • Prepare for adjustments to your go-live date. The implementation process is lengthy, so be prepared to push the date back until your practice is confident using the system.

      • Know what your vendor/software is fully capable of doing beforehand. Knowing the hard limits of what can and can't be done will speed up the process. 

      Lead Your EHR Software Implementation by Example

      "If the stakeholders, super users and management show engagement with the new software from the start, it will set the tone for the rest of the staff to follow suit. Lead by example."

      —Melissa Allen, InSync Healthcare Solutions Director of Operations

      Having the leadership team lead by example will help motivate the rest of your staff to apply just as much effort.

      The implementation process is a group effort. What's good for the overall practice is what you want to tailor your software system to. The Harvard Business Review presented the idea that learning at a high level is a social act. Having your organization jointly involved in the learning process enables organic understanding of the material at hand.

      Education happens best when learners collaborate and help one another. Knowledge—both “know-what” and “know-how”—is social in nature"

      As a stakeholder, your presence and time investment in the implementation process is critical. Your input will guide the tailored configurations that will be adopted by your entire organization. 

      Being absent during your implementation process will result in a system that doesn't flow the way your practice flows and a disconnect between your team that can cause frustration, lost time and worst of all—a negative experience for your patients.

      Of course, finding the right EHR vendor partner with a well-documented, best-in-class implementation process and team is always the first step to ensuring a seamless go-live.


      Transitioning to our EHR software is easy. The InSync Healthcare Solutions implementation team is comprised of specialists with years of experience in the healthcare industry, both as providers and partners. They understand the day-to-day needs of a practice and are here to make your system transition as easy as possible.

      Increase efficiency for your business with best-in-class practice management and EMR/EHR software, revenue cycle management and medical transcription services. We would love to chat and discuss your practices needs.

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