Also known as "All Fools' Day", the mischievous holiday has heavily debated origins. Some historians cite the changing of calendars in 16th century France as the reason for the holiday, while others insist that it has much older, ancient Roman roots beginning with festivals centered around participants dressing up in costumes. Regardless, April Fools' Day is usually choc full of pranks--some harmless, some not. Here's a few ICD-10 codes your practice might see as a result of today's shenanigans.

W01.0XXA - Fall on same level from slipping, tripping and stumbling without subsequent striking against object, initial encounter

Perhaps the most iconic "prank" image is that of someone slipping on a banana peel. While certainly humorous in cartoons and movies, in real life, slipping can have much more long-lasting consequences. Broken bones, concussions, slipped discs--nothing anyone wants to experience. In this instance, it may be best for the banana peels to remain where they belong: in the garbage.

S00.1 - Contusion of eyelid and periocular area

Prank wars are common on April Fools' Day, particularly between groups of friends and potentially more worrisome: siblings. While it may be tempting to hide behind a door or put a spring inside a well-used storage container, doing so may result in the victim getting a black eye or other injury.

R00.0 - Tachycardia, unspecified

Alongside more harmless pranks are things like jump-scares and screaming videos that can spike the poor prankee's heart rate. While they're meant in (mostly) fun, it's important to remember that not everyone can handle these sort of pranks well.

T18.120A - Food in esophagus causing compression of trachea, initial encounter

Laughter is often described as medicine, but it's usually most effective when a person doesn't have food in their mouth. So when choosing to carry out a prank, avoid lunchtime, so that the prankee--and anyone watching--doesn't choke on their food. Whether you're embroiled in the office prank war or a hapless bystander who finds themselves the victim of one of the pranks, the InSync Healthcare Solutions team wishes you a safe (and fun) April Fools Day!

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Laura Slade

Written by Laura Slade