6 Key 2019 Technology Trends That Will Impact Physician Practices

We're nearly a month into 2019, and the year is shaping up to be both an important and exciting year for those in the healthcare industry.

InSync Healthcare Solutions CFO Charlie Hutchinson recently offered his thoughts on the new year and what top technology trends will impact physician practices the most. The article was published on The Healthcare Guys.

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At the heart of all these technology trends is patient care, Hutchinson explains, especially as the industry continues it shift towards value-based care.

One of the trends Hutchinson believes will take a firm hold in 2019 is regarding a technology we've talked a lot about on the InSync Blog over the last year - telemedicine.

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Per Hutchinson:

Of all the recent technological innovations in healthcare, telemedicine is arguably the most popular – it’s cost-effective, offers convenience and expands access to care. Moving forward, reimbursement opportunities are opening up for providers who leverage telemedicine in their practices, thanks to the Chronic Care Act. As noted by Physicians Practice’s annual physician compensation report for 2018, eight percent of medical groups say they are charging patients for nontraditional care such as telemedicine. Physicians who aren’t yet offering access to virtual care services — either after hours or throughout the day — may find themselves left in the dust by patients who expect telemedicine from their healthcare providers.

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From collaboration tools to a greater focus on efficiency and more, click here to read the rest of the technology trends Hutchinson is looking toward for physician practices in 2019.

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