3 Areas Where EHR Vendor Support Has the Greatest Impact

As the use of electronic health record (EHR) systems continues to become more widespread in the industry, it's easy to simply look at an EHR system as just a piece of software.

When, in reality, it's much more.

Purchasing an EHR system also means partnering with the vendor that supplies the system - and how an EHR vendor treats its clients can have a significant impact in a variety of areas for the practice.

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Overall Satisfaction

Imagine when you buy any product or dine at any restaurant. The quality of the product or food itself is, of course, very important. But what about the service? Poor customer service during the purchase or use of the product, as well as during a meal at a restaurant, can ruin the entire experience.

The same goes for EHR systems.

Overall satisfaction of healthcare providers isn't tied solely to just the EHR software itself, but rather the quality of vendor support also plays a significant role in creating a positive experience and relationship between the practice and EHR vendor. In fact, it can be a driving force in providers looking for a new EHR system.

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According to a recent survey conducted by Software Advice, nearly one in ten healthcare providers consider leaving their EHR vendor altogether simply due to a lack of quality client support. If one considers that more than 80 percent of physicians use EHR systems in their practices, that means thousands of healthcare professionals are fed up with the awful client support.

For both providers and EHR vendors, this is a reminder of how important support is to the overall experience. Providers should consider more than just the software when evaluating several options for their own EHR implementation. Vendors must always stay committed to providing the best customer service to their clients - or risk losing clients to competitors down the line.

Continuing Education

Vendor support is also more than just troubleshooting. Quality vendor support looks more like a partnership where a vendor wants to be a partner in the practice's success. A large part of this is through a vendor committed to providing clients with continuing education of its software and services.

Educational opportunities allow clients to consistently have access to the best tools and resources to optimize their use of a particular EHR system. The better a client understands the software, the more efficient and productive a practice can be day-to-day. The trickle-down effect eventually results in delivering better patient care, too.

For example, here at InSync, we offer our clients InSync University, a resource that exists to provide continuous education regarding InSync software, industry updates and other relevant information. InSync University offers a variety of in-house content designed with the clients in mind, such as webinars and how-to videos.

To get a better idea of what's offered, click here.

Patient Care Delivery

When things go wrong with the software, it's imperative that the vendor is timely and knowledgeable with its support to clients. Why? 

Because if providers aren't able to use the EHR system effectively, the direct effect will be felt on the practice's patients. If an EHR vendor fails to provide clinically-based EHR system tech support, or provides substandard support, the effects are significant.

According to a Black Book Market Research survey, health IT companies that do not offer clinically-based EHR system tech support, either internal or through an outsourced support firm, have far less opportunities to positively affect patient care through EHR use. Furthermore, 85 percent of 4,446 respondents reported that patient care delivery services are continually hindered by unsatisfactory EHR user support.

Not only would poor clinical support greatly affect the practice's ability to efficiently make its way through the day's appointments, it may force the practice to stop seeing patients altogether until the issue is resolved, resulting in a lot of lost revenue.

Is vendor support high on your list of priorities during your EHR evaluation? Or are you frustrated with your current EHR vendor's level of support? Check out why InSync was ranked as a Top 5 Vendor for Customer Support by Software Advice and visit our website to see how our products help your practice maximize efficiency and improve productivity.

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