5 Ways Telemedicine Enhances Patient Care

Learn how telemedicine can help your practice adapt to the changing landscape.

With its far-reaching, multi-specialty influence, there’s no shortage of things that telemedicine has already altered, from how patients and providers interact to the ease with which patients can receive the care they want. Learn how telehealth is enhancing patient care today. 

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  • The financial benefits that telemedicine can have, for patients and providers alike

Download the whitepaper today to learn more about how telemedicine is helping healthcare providers give their patients true 21st-century care.

Telemedicine + EHR

Log Encounters Easily

Simply by logging into the InSync EHR system, you can begin conducting telemedicine visits. If a patient can't make an appointment a telemedicine appointment can be made on-demand. 


Telemedicine Scheduler

Keep Appointments Organized 

With fully integrated practice management features your telemedicine scheduling experience is all within reach. View your entire day or filter to only show telemedicine visits.


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