The 3-Minute Patient Encounter

Say goodbye to medical charts and progress notes that require providers to pay more attention to computers and documents than focusing on the overall patient experience.

With the 3-Minute Encounter, we’ve taken out most of the data entry to allow you more face-to-face interactions with your patients and to lessen the burden of provider burnout from "note bloat" and common complaints found in other EHR systems.



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Fast, Flexible, and Intuitive

Addressing Common Patient Visits

When the patient arrives and checks in, the system will automatically fill out the patient encounter notes based on the pre-configured common complaints, conditions, and symptoms.

Add or Subtract Symptoms

Easily add or remove symptoms to reflect each patient's needs.

Customized by Practice

Templates are custom configured to meet your specific needs.

CC/HPI or Disease Driven

Chief complaint, history of present illness or disease driven templates

Patient Charting

3-Minutes, 3-Steps

See how most patients can be charted and documented in approximately 3-minutes or less!


A visit template is created for common visits.

Template Creation

A provider creates patient note templates based on common chief complaints, History of Present Illness or diagnosis type.  


Automation selects all common symptoms.


The preconfigured software will automatically select all common symptoms that accompany complaints or diagnoses. Minimizing or removing those painful fill-in-the-blank click lists from your daily workflow. 


The provider does a quick review.


The healthcare provider does a quick review to ensure all the symptoms have been selected and add or remove any additional options. Including a place to write in any additional notes. After that, the encounter is complete. 

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With the pure speed of the 3-minute encounter, providers will spend no time being inundated by mountains of clinical documentation paperwork and less time fishing for results from their current electronic health and medical records software. When you're able to rapidly complete the charting portion of your encounter you can spend more time as an efficient caregiver helping patients to understand their diagnosis. 

Automate Encounters

Automated workflows with direct integration to EHR and PM software.

Instant Comments

Instantly populate comments with quick text-based macros.

Increased Accuracy

Eliminate duplicate data entry tasks and watch your productivity soar.



With the fully integrated InSync system, your front desk and practice management staff will be connected with your providers working within the EHR software. When everyone works within the InSync system communication issues vanish and productivity surges. 

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The average provider spends 17-24 minutes per patient encounter. With the InSync system's advanced industry methodology, you'll be able to chart your patient notes in three minutes in most common situations. As a cloud-based EHR system, you'll also be able to access your medical records from a multitude of devices. 



The InSync system allows faster, more efficient patient encounters with billing and visit codes automatically transmitted within the system. We care about provider burnout and we work hard to break down documentation barriers that hinder your practice from development to implementation. 

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