Innovative, Integrated, Invaluable Medical Software and Services

InSync Healthcare Solutions develops configurable medical software solutions for electronic health and medical records systems fully integrated with practice management and billing software as well as revenue cycle management and medical transcription services.

Specialty practice with unique needs? No problem. 

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Our fully integrated electronic health and medical records software bring together charting, billing, scheduling, and telehealth into a single cloud-based platform. Helping thousands of practices across the country become more efficient, safe, and productive. With fully integrated features including e-prescription, eMAR, automated claims management just to name a few. The InSync system is fast enough to change forever how you handle patient charting, find out how fast here

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Healthcare IT Software & Services

Fully Integrated

We are committed to delivering the most complete medical software solution - one that will unify the patient experience across a growing number of patient healthcare touchpoints. Removing the requirement that a medical practice needs several disparate systems in order to function.

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Mobile-Friendly, Cloud-Based, Electronic Health Records 

In addition to security, the benefit of being cloud-based is our ability to function on most devices with an internet connection. Ask one of our representatives how you can unchain your providers from their desks for a more efficient workflow today.

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Less Note Bloat

More Face Time

With our cloud-based software, you can quickly and comfortably chart patient notes from any laptop, tablet, or mobile device. When you don't have to endlessly hunt through a sea of drop-down menus your patient gets more of what they came for, your time and expertise.  

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Keep Yourself InSync With Healthcare News

Stay InSync with the latest healthcare news and research. Be the first to know when we've released more features and enhancements that allow you to practice medicine more efficiently. 

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Best in Class Healthcare Services

Revenue Cycle Management and Medical Transcription Services

More than just medical software, we support your medical practice with award-winning revenue cycle management (RCM) and/or medical transcription services for your practice's needs.

Revenue Cycle Management

Most practices choose to handle billing and healthcare revenue cycle management tasks internally because they feel better control and lower costs. However, if you don't know what your top-10 visits are based on CPT and ICD-10 codes or if you're not collecting 100% of your co-pays, it's a good time to get in touch.

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Medical Transcription Services

InSync Healthcare Solutions offers award-winning medical transcription services that allow physicians to focus on patient care. With a virtual medical scribe service, you can rely on fully trained, highly skilled medical scribes as they take care of your documentation.

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Keeping Healthcare InSync

Weekly research-related news along with helpful tips to keep your practice InSync.
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